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Bad Copy Is Serbian Popular Hip Hop Group What Started In 1996,The Members Are:Ajs Nigrutin,Wikluh Sky , Timbe And a Dead Meber Miki Boj.First Started Ajs Nigrutin And Miki Boj Started The Group,And Then Miki Boy Died In War In Kosovo 1999. And Then Ajs Nigurtin Asked Hes Firends Wikluh Sky And  Time To Join Hes Group  Bad Copy.First Album Started In 1996 Orbod Mebej And Newest One In 2013 Called Kirgle

The First Album Orbodmebej Started In 1996 With Ajs Nigrutin And Miki Boj (Died)

,And They Have Two Popular Albums Called:Sve Sami Hedovi (All Alone Heads) (2003) And Najgori Do Sada (The Worst So Far) (2006).A Really Popular Rapper From Balkan Called Juice Puted Bad Copy Posters On The Street.Bad Copy Group Didint Know He Did That,And Bad Copy Then Accedently Become Popular.Theres Songs Are How Is Bad In Serbia,And Lots Of There Songs Has Drugs And Sex In It.There Record Label Is One Records.And A Member (Djolodjolo) From Group Beogradski Sindikat Or Belgrade Union Helped Then With There Videos.In 2008 Ajs Nigurtin And Sky Wikluh Are Invited To Go To The Veliki Brat Or The Big Brother.They Were Really Boerd With Out There Member Timbe.Every One Were Arguring In Big Brothers House.Theres A Word In Bad Copy Whats 43 23 What That Means ? It Means 43 Is The Bus For A Place In Serbia Called Kodez And From Kodez Are:Ajs Nigrutin And Timbe,And 23 Is Bus For Banovo Brdo In Serbia And From Banovo Brdo Is:Sky Wikluh. The Most Popular Song Of Bad Copy Is Idemo Odma Song From The Worst So Far Album.In New Album Krigle,Theres a Song Where They Say Really Bad Things For Justin Bieber.

Ajs NigrutinEdit


Ajs Nigrutin

Ajs Nigrutin Or What Hes Real Name Vladan Akentijevic Hes Born In:December 8,1977 (36) Records Label:One Records.Music Grops:Bad Copy,43 Zla (43 evil) And Monoukleozni Rodjaci (Monoukleozni Relatives)Hes 2M Metters Tall.Hes Albums Are:Nigrutisnki Receno (Nigrutinski Told) (2003) Strokav Pazuh (Dirty Armpits) (2006) Kajmak i Katran (Cream And Tar) (2008).Most Popular Album is Nigrutinski Told In (2003) In 2010 Ajs Nigrutin Made A Song Called Kinezi Travestiti Or Chiness Transvestites What Offend Chiness And It Was On The Newspapers.He Made It With Another Group Called:Blind  Buzznes In Album Called Blind Buzzness Complited.Serbia And Chiness Never Had Fights, We Are Really Good Friends But Some People Dont Like Chiness.Its A Really Distrubing Song For Chiness.And Chiness Said Its Really Distrubing And Funny (some reason).

Sky WikluhEdit


Sky Wikluh

Sky Wikluh Or Hes Real Name Djordje Miljenovic Hes Born In: December 10,1980 (33) Records Label:OneRecords Music Groups:Bad Copy,Monoukleozni Rodjaci (Monoukleozni Relatives) Hes Albums Are:Zasto Brate Wikler (Why Brother Wikler) (2003) Zagadjenje U Japanu (Popllution In Japan) (2006) And Oratci Ne znaju ( Dont Know ) (2007) He Made Other Albums With Other Rappers Like:Shappa With Coyote (2005) And Do Kraja Sveta With DJ Rahmanee (2013) He Won In 2009 Serbian Oscar Of Popularity He Has a Child (Girl) With Andjela Stamenkovic Shes a Serbian Actress.


Timbe Or Hes Real Name Rasid Kurtanovic Hes Born In:April 13 1978 (36)


And Hes a DJ. Hes Albums Are:Timetova Zemlja (Timetova Country) (2009) And Praznik Za Usi (Holiday For Eairs)

Miki Boj (Dead Member)Edit

Sorry,But We Dont Know Anything About This Member.We Just Wanted To Put Hes Picture Here.

Miki Boj

Mononukleozni RodjaciEdit



Mononukleozni Rodjaci Is a Group Where Are Just Ajs Nigrutin And Sky Wikluh.They Just Have One Album In This Group Its Price Iz Hibernacije (Storys from Hibernation) 2011.
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